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Today's world is a completely different place than it was in the past. Even compared to just 20 years ago, everything about the way the world runs has been totally altered. This is in large part thanks to the widespread usage of the Internet as well as other advancements in technology. The Internet has given birth to eCommerce, a term that describes something that all people are familiar with: purchasing and selling goods online. While the advent of eCommerce has undoubtedly transformed the marketplace, it has come with numerous positive and negative effects on the way in which people buy and sell merchandise. Altered Landscape of Commerce In previous eras, commerce was transacted in a traditional storefront setting, with customers purchasing goods from vendors whose career was selling their merchandise. Whether it was furniture, clothing, or automobiles, consumers... (more)

Running a Successful Event Business

The event business is an extremely lucrative as well as up-and-coming enterprise. Running and planning events is no simple task, but it is a necessity for our society. Weddings, religious ceremonies, and corporate events cannot and do not run themselves, so it is essential for this business to exist. While event planning is not a new business by any means, in the 21st century it has truly taken off. With a rise in business comes a rise in the amount of corporate events that have occurred in the past 2 decades, making the event business an indispensable entity in our society. Ther... (more)

Bringing Your Bedroom into the 21st Century

Your bedroom is the room in your house where you spend the majority of your time. While of course you spend numerous hours sleeping there every night, you also will spend a lot of time relaxing, watching television and doing a multitude of other activities in your bedroom. In the past, the bedroom was just a room for sleep, but in the 21st century, it has the capability to become so much more. There are a myriad of techniques and items you can purchase to make your bedroom have a futuristic feel and make your dwelling match your modern lifestyle.   Sleep Smarter You will be pa... (more)

Why Similar Products Do Not Necessarily Mean Similar Amounts of Success

There are millions and millions of products that are on the market today. With the advent of 21st century technology, there has been a major increase in the amount of products available to consumers. There are new computers, televisions, cell phones, and more, and one of the major advances of the past few years has been the introduction of apps. Apps are easy to produce and can be spread to millions of users’ smart phones within hours of releasing. With so much technology available to consumers in the 21st century, and many with similar functions, the question of why some product... (more)

Bringing Your Church into the 21st Century

Religion has definitely been on the decline in the 21st century. With the advancement of science and the perceived lack of need for religion in the modern era, people are flocking away from the church in very large numbers. However, is it possible that people are leaving the church because they feel it is still stuck in the past? Many people will say yes to this question. They believe that the church is obsolete, less in its viewpoints, but more in the way it tries to appeal to people in the modern era. There are many actions that churches take that people disagree with that real... (more)